Cultural & Diversity Programs

CSI advises cultural months/diversity programs:

  • Latinx Heritage Month (9/15 – 10/15)
  • InterFaith Week (October)
  • Black History Month (February)
  • Asian American Awareness Month (April)
  • Martin Luther King jr. University Commemoration (January)

Each cultural month will include a student planning committee, who plans the main events including:

  • A kickoff event – Typically an event to bring together the UIC Community to commemorate the beginning of the month and publicly share the calendar.
  • A networking event – Brings together faculty, university staff, and community members
  • A keynote event – This past year this has included a major speaker.
  • An arts / showcase event – This event either takes the form of a crafts night where students come to create art that represents the culture celebrated or a showcase of talent from students of the culture being commemorated.