Annual Programs & Events

  • Weeks of Welcome

    UIC Welcomes all new and returning students to campus! Come celebrate the beginning of a new school year with us! Click here to find out more.

  • Involvement Fair

    Each year, the Center for Student Involvement hosts an annual “kick off” event for the students, faculty and staff of UIC, to celebrate not only the beginning of the school year, but also to introduce the campus to the many involvement opportunities in the surrounding the UIC community and the city. The Involvement Fair will expose students to the diverse engagement opportunities available at UIC. Over 200 student organizations, university departments, and neighboring businesses will be on hand to greet and welcome students to campus.
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  • Greek Week

    Greek Week is thoughtfully designed for the entire Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) community to feature, promote, and recognize individual talents alongside the pride within a collective identity.  Members from all active organizations come together in a variety of unique events that highlight a banner of support for shared values of scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship.  Greek Week is annually planned for a series of dates in April near the end of the year, where members and organizations look back at their achievements in mission-centered practices and mutual support for one another. Students collaborate in active service, lighthearted athletic games and fun, personal reflection, a call to community action, and an artistic talent showcase to bolster individual and communal strengths and contributions.

  • Spark

    Spark is UIC’s annual fall music festival. This event is open to UIC students, faculty, and staff and their guests. Spark aims to bring local, national, little known, and well known artists to campus. The music fest offers an eclectic mix of entertainment for UIC’s diverse campus community.

    Since Spark in the Park began, the UIC Community has been entertained with great music performances from Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, Flosstradamus, The Hood Internet, Barefoot Truth, Footlight Frenzy, Girl Talk, Kid Cudi, Twenty-One Pilots, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Nick Jonas, and H.E.R. Every Fall, UIC looks forward to providing the campus community with yet another amazing music festival.

    Click here for #UICSpark19

  • UIC Revelry Carnival

    UIC Revelry is UIC’s annual 3-day carnival hosted in Parking Lot 9 (Halsted & Roosevelt). UIC Revelry is open to students, faculty, staff, and the greater UIC Community. The Carnival boasts 10 major amusement carnival rides, 8 family rides, midway games, and food trailers. UIC Revelry occurs every year on the last weekend of September.

  • Flames Finish Strong

    At the end of every semester, CSI teams up with others around the campus to help students thrive during finals. Students can grab a cup of coffee or tea to stay awake, have a cookie in between study breaks or, if study sessions run late, score a midnight breakfast; all students with a valid i-card can participate. Events and services are subject to change. Click here.

  • Forever Flames

    At the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, CSI hosts Forever Flames. Forever Flames celebrates our graduates’ achievements, and offers a time for graduates to reflect upon their time at UIC. This week of activities  is dedicated to giving graduates time to think about the people who have been impactful to their UIC experience, the relationships they have gained, as well as easing the transition into alumni status. Forever Flames culminates in the Grad Toast open to all graduating seniors.

HOCO 2018
Homecoming Dance is a spectacular event to end the Homecoming week.
Involvement Fair
Involvement Fair
The Involvement Fair will expose students to the diverse engagement opportunities available at UIC.
Meet the Greeks
Meet the Greeks will give the student opportunity to explore a variety of greek with diverse cultures on campus. It occurs annually during Greek Week.
Spark 2019
Spark is UIC’s annual fall music festival. Spark aims to bring local, national, little known, and well-known artists to campus.
UIC Revelry Carnival
Carnival is UIC’s annual carnival that is fun for the whole family.
Doggypalooza is one of the events in the series Flames Finish Strong. A perfect day with dogs, friends, and stress relievers!