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Advising at a Glance Heading link

Thank you for your decision to be an advisor for one or more of our student organizations!

We appreciate your service and dedication. Advisors serve as a vital component to the success of our student organization community here at UIC, and each advisor perceives his/her relation to a student organization differently. Whether you are an experienced advisor or new to the position, your choice to advise a student organization will prove to be a rewarding experience on campus. The Center for Student Involvement provides resources and programs for advisors to help support their role. While advisors can take several different roles in supporting their student organization, we hope that all advisors maintain regular contact with their student organization to mentor, develop, and educate their student organization/s. The services we provide advisors and student organizations are continually changing and improving. We would love your feedback, and if you have any questions, please contact Associate Director Vance Pierce, at

Becoming an advisor can be extremely gratifying for both the advisor and the students of the organization. These benefits can include but are not limited to:

  • The satisfaction of seeing and helping students develop new skills.
  • Observing a student organization come together to share common interests and work toward common goals as they work through difference.
  • Developing a personal relationship with students
  • Furthering personal goals or interests by choosing to work with an organization that reflects one’s own interests.
  • Sharing one’s knowledge and expertise with others.