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Mission / Vision / Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement: Our mission is to build a foundation for holistic development through educational, social, leadership, and cultural programming for UIC students. We will foster an environment to build affinity to UIC, a community within the city of Chicago, through a multitude of student events, student organizations, and leadership opportunities.

Vision Statement: The Center for Student Involvement will strive to provide a vibrant environment where UIC students are catalysts for social change, actively engaged, and share a sense of belonging through our involvement opportunities.

CSI Learning Outcomes:

Resiliency and Practical Skills

  • Student leaders who engage with Center for Student Involvement (CSI) will apply life management skills (financial responsibility, time management, event planning, and communication skills) that will allow them to function effectively in the greater community beyond graduation.

Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Development

  • Student leaders who engage with the Center for Student Involvement will be able to develop their personal values in order to have a strong sense of identity and personal excellence.

Diversity & Social Responsibility

  • Students who engage with Center for Student Involvement programs and services will be able to distinguish between multiple perspectives that challenge assumptions and foster inclusive communities.

Student Affairs Learning Outcomes:

UIC Student Affairs provides a myriad of out of the classroom opportunities in which students engage in throughout their college experience. Through these experiences students are able to apply and connect what they are learning both in and outside the classroom. The approach to developing the student learning outcomes framework for Student Affairs is based on the premise that students first acquire knowledge related to these learning domains, are given the opportunity to apply the skills learned through their out of the classroom experiences, and ultimately integrate these skills into their lives to serve them beyond their time at UIC. Recognizing the student experience involves moving in and out of programs and across units over a cumulative and collective period of time, four levels of learning shaped the development of the learning outcomes for Student Affairs.

Educational Priority
As a result of the engaged student experience at the University of Illinois Chicago, students will increase self-awareness, know they belong and develop skills to transform their local and global communities through positive change.

Learning Goals

1. Self-Awareness (SA)
2. Transformational Leadership (TL)
3. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)
4. Skills to be Real World Ready (RWR)
5. Belonging (B)


CSI Staff Photo

There are a variety of involvement opportunities offered at UIC. Becoming involved with student organizations can enrich and enhance your student learning experience. Students are encouraged to be active participants in the student organizations to develop valuable leadership skills and opportunities to network with students, faculty, alumni and community leaders.