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Red and blue stripes in the back with a picture of students sitting around a table and text on the image that reads Student Organization Registration

Every April, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is responsible for UIC's student organization registration process for over 460 student organizations.

Organizations must send an email to stating the name of the org you would like to register.

Registration Timeline:

  • April 1– Registration for the upcoming year OPENS
  • May 29 – Last day to request to start registration.
  • May 31 – Spring Registration closes
  • November 4– Fall registration (for Spring 2025) opens.
  • November 13– Last day to request to start registration.
  • November 15– Fall registration (for Spring 2025) closes.
  • January 20– Winter registration and updates (for Spring 2025) opens.
  • January 29– Last day to request to start registration.
  • January 31– Winter registration (for Spring 2025) closes.

Departmental Initiatives Heading link

Units, Departments, Colleges that work closely with groups of students can host a DEPARTMENTAL INITIATIVE.  Departmental Initiatives support the mission of the unit, department, or college under the direction of an advisor within the unit, department or college. These groups of students receive various levels of support from their host. These groups of students do not register as a registered student organization.


Exsititng Departmental Initiatives: Follow this guide to register your Departmental Initiative.

New Departmental Initiatives:

  1. Initiatives must email
    1. Copy
    2. Subject: Departmental Initiative registration (FULL NAME OF DEPARTMENTAL INITIATIVE NO ACRONYMS)
    3. Body: Include a contact person (person responsible for registration), and their UIC email. ONLY ONE PERSON will be granted access to the process.


FAQ Heading link

What is registration? Registration is the process that keeps your organization’s details up to date and recognized by UIC Center for Student Involvement (CSI).

How long does the registration take? Once you’ve completed all the steps of registration, your registration still must be approved by CSI. This can take between 10-14 business days, so please prepare accordingly.

What happens if I don’t meet the deadline? Your organization will be “Frozen.” You won’t be recognized by CSI and you won’t have access to your student organization account until you complete the registration process.